Enthusiast Auto, a Shipload of BMWs

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Over the weekend, I went to Ohio to visit my friend Roy. Porsche enthusiast. Car obsessed. Part inundated. We typically see each other every year around this time when he visits me for the Detroit Auto Show. But as you may recall, Detroit Auto Show was a no-go this year. Instead I made the trip south.

Saturday we perused the Enthusiast Auto lot. I decided to stop counting how many BMWs they have. And that’s all they have. Rows upon rows and almost all are manual transmissions. Included in BMW row are buildings they’ve acquired to add paint shop and mechanics facilities. As you drive down the street it looks like a 1/4 mile of Bavaria.

Roy has gotten to know the brothers who own it over the years. They specialize in BMWs, not for the club chap as one might imagine, but for the office bloke. Their clientele are mostly people who want to own a classic or slightly modern classic BMW without the fuss. And they are willing to pay for it. Check out there inventory and prices.

The brothers will tell you the hard core BMW guy or gal will buy his car off of the club site, forum or Craigslist. We don’t sell to those people. They want a deal. We sell to the people who want a serviced car with nothing wrong plus new tires so they can haul off to work and park next to the fella who bargained and wrenched his way to the same dream. Work for the money to buy it right or work on the car to get it right. It’s all the same passion in my book.

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  1. David T

    I am sure you and Ray were sad to miss going to The Root Beer Stand, as it’s off-season for that place!

    Did you check out the old rvs a little south of there, same street? I used to work nearby and always found them intriguing!

  2. Groosh

    All things we missed. But I’m going to be going back soon and I’ll ask Roy if we can shimmered on down again.

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