Playing with the Big Dogs.

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Earned911 Monterey Trip – Part 2:

No matter what car you drive today, it seems someone else always has one better than yours. For me, the better car is a 997 GT3, one of the most advanced street cars ever produced by Porsche. But is it better than my 1987 911, or course it is! Crazy to think otherwise, but what of the driver?

As we made our way up Pacific Coast Highway to Monterey we came across a yellow 997 Twin Turbo and a red 997 GT3 caught behind slow traffic. Paul was behind me as we waited for the two beast machines to break free and give chase. Out of respect, we waited patiently for them to really show us they could drive what they brought, but after a couple anticlimactic passes we realized they didn’t have what it took to play in traffic. Now, to their defense, they could have been professional drivers with rooms full of trophies and pockets full of cash, but times a-wasting and fun was to be had ahead of them.

I took my time setting the two of them up, waiting for the right time. Hairpin turn, climb up a hill, coast clear, perfect! They were both ready to pass a slow driver when I struck. 2nd gear, high rev and ran after the yellow TT, I broke into the turn and went inside him just as he was about to make his move – “sorry, I got here first”. I let the red GT3 lead the way past the slow traffic, and assumed he would continue past the next slow car… nothin doing, he stayed behind and I was forced to fall in line. But as we climbed the hill I noticed there was still time so I summoned the entire 217 HP I had and pulled around the GT3 and kept my foot on it until I passed the slow car too. All of this happened within about 15 seconds and gave Paul quite the view.
Okay, so I ran away and they eventually caught up to me behind a Buick! Still it was fun ripping past the two of them, in fact Paul was able to not only pass them both but also a Pantera at the same time, all the while chanting “I think I can, I think I can”. It made for a memorable run, I’m sure you all have one of those stories you still tell today.

  1. Paul "Groosh" Grusche

    The view was quite a site indeed. Picture middle of the hairpin, my view partially blocked by the trees and guardrail, I first hear the downshift and see Mike bolt towards the center line. His flat six making a very distinct ripping sound that when combined with tires finding new pavement and 997 owners gasping, produce sweet ear candy.

    The buckling down of the Carrera’s back end reminds the lament that Porsche had been doing in right since day one. Pick any year of 911 history and experience one man’s rear engine perfection, all power, all weight right where it’s needed.

    As I rounded the corner and look up, a small shot of dust poofs pass the cars as Mike completes the slot car like pass back inside legal lines but far from the legal limit. Nicely done.

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