2010 Porsche GT3 RS, It Failed Subtlety Class

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The only transmission available is a six-speed manual. Let me repeat, the only transmission available is a six-speed man-u-al. Who else agrees the PDK auto slap tranny can stick it? Get it? Stick it. You see what I did there… used stick it to… ok you’re quick with the wit, down with the brown, picking up the 411… that’s why I like you reading this blog, you’re one of the good ones.

So, this tranny has shorter throws and weighs less than the gearboxes in other 911 manuals. And the gear ratios are shorter which means lower top speed in exchange for all your friends that get car sick waiting on the curb. The GT3 RS is a street legal race car.

It gets Porsche’s new 3.8-liter six-cylinder engine, rated at 450 hp–15 hp more than the normal GT3. Porsche says the engine in the RS revs to its 8,500 rpm limit faster than the GT3 engine. That should be good to give your GT3 buddy the finger-five as he watches your carbon fiber wing you stole off of the ’87 Honda Prelude cruise by.

Titanium exhaust system, dynamic engine mounts that change stiffness depending on the driving conditions, nine and twelve inch wheels front to rear respectively plus a specific version of Porsche’s active suspension round out your one way ticket to Cops Ville. If I had the base price of $132,800, I’d be off to the Franfurt auto show to order mine up.

See video at the Motor Car Market YouTube channel.

  1. Scott84

    You can take your stick shift and I’ll take the double-clutch gearbox. Then during the next endurance race, look for me waving to you in the pits after you fried tranny missing shifts.

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