Penske Loses Philip Morris Sponsorship

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From Autoweek: “The change comes as part of federal advertising guidelines imposed on tobacco companies.  Well-known tobacco company Philip Morris USA is officially gone from Team Penske, which means the famous day-glo orange-and-white livery is gone from Indy-car racing, too. Team Penske officials confirmed the end of the 20-year association on Tuesday, when the Izod IndyCar Series convened in Alabama at Barber Motorsports Park for its first open test of the season.”

Somehow, I think Marlboro will find other ways to advertise their product that will be just as effective.  As for the impact on Penske?  His stock, ticker: PAG, is on a slight downward trend hovering above $14/share.  It might go up if he slapped a logo on the other cheek of this chick.  I’m just sayin’.

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