Move Over TopGear, Myth Busters Brings da Trunk Funk Better

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After reading this headline, one of these three thoughts probably darted off your cluttered cogs.

1. What the hell is he talking about? TopGear is an institution. Jeremy Clarkson since 1988, Richard Hammond and James May are Gods. Capital “G”. There is no better car show. Period.

2. Jamie Hyneman, Adam Savage, Tory, Grant and Kari, are posers. Do they even know how to drive cars without being drunk for science or blindfolded?

3. Wait a minute… as you look off in the distance to make it look like you are working… both shows test, crash and run cars via remote control. Since Groosh is clearly not an expert in TopGear and I am, let’s see this hack try to build a case for Myth Busters.

Thanks, I appreciate that. It came to me while watching the TopGear episode where they run remote control full-size sedans in a quarry then jump them into a caravan trailer. How many times have we seen Myth Busters jump remote control cars, drive them at 100+ speeds through the desert or spin some doughnuts? I think it’s clear their is a challenge a foot.

So, without further ado, let my one sided rant begin. From the Myth Busters archives of car busting:
• If you fire a bullet into a car’s gas tank will the car explode?
• Does shoving bananas or potatoes in a car’s tailpipe can cause the car to stall?
• Does putting sugar in a car’s gas tank will ruin the engine?
• Can cars with remote keyless entry systems be unlocked by using a cell phone?
• Does a car dropped from 4,000 feet fall faster than a speeding car?
• Can a two-semi-truck head-on collision compact a small car beyond recognition?
• Is it possible to breath under water from sucking air out of a tire stem?
• How do you escape from a car going under water?
• Can a jet engine launch a taxi into the air?
• Can a tissue box in the back of a car kill the driver if the car crashes?
• Is driving while talking on the cell phone as dangerous as driving drunk?
• Can you remove hardened cement from a cement truck with explosives?
• Can a car be fitted with an ejection seat?
• Can a car drive up a ramp, fly through the air, land and drive away?
• Can a V-shaped snowplow really split a car in two?
• Do you save more gas by driving with the AC on instead of having the windows down?
• Is it more efficient to drive a truck tailgate up or down?
• When a bus is moving at over 50 miles per hour, will moving passengers to the inside of the turn keep the bus from flipping?
• Can your car bumper explode?
• Could a car stereo set off an SKS rifle?
• Could a human hang on to the roof of a speeding car?
• If you’re out for a spin in your convertible and it starts raining can you stay dry by simply driving faster?
• Can a big rig’s tire explode with deadly force?
• Can a car tire burst into flames if it spins fast enough?
• Do you have better traction on ice while driving backwards?
• Can you save fuel by tailgating a truck?
• Are electric cars truly slow?
• Does driving while angry decrease fuel efficiency?
• Can a single stick of dynamite with a 20 second fuse be thrown, retrieved by a dog, and detonate under an SUV causing it to sink into a frozen lake?
• Can shifting to reverse stop a runaway car?
• Can you drive a car onto a truck’s extended ramp at highway speeds?
• Can a car pole-vault from its drive shaft if it hits a pothole?
• Can a snow plow driving down the road push enough air to flip a passing car over?
• Is it possible to make a hovercraft with a vacuum motor?
• What is the fastest way to cool a six pack of beer?
• If a bullet passes through a man’s genitals, and into a woman’s, could it make her pregnant?

Ok, the last three have nothing to do with cars but you gotta admit those Myth Busters put on one helluva show. Who didn’t have the Soldier of Fortune magazine when they were a kid and fantasize about taking moms vacuum and flying around the house?

As for all the car shenanigans by Adam, Jamie and crew? Let me be the first to say Myth Busters one, TopGear zero.

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  1. EMPM, Esq

    I would agree with you… if the crew of Mythbusters wasn’t a bunch of science dorks that are far from being entertainers. TopGear is the #1 show in the UK because it has an interesting cast of characters. Mythbusters, not so much. I know I personally can’t wait until the next season of TopGear starts. I like the show so much that when a new show has aired in the UK, I will wait until about midnight of the same day and try to find it online on a bittor… I mean, wait until the watered down version makes it over here on BBC America. Can’t say I would do the same with MythBusters. Not to say they don’t have a loyal following. Their followers are just geeks, as opposed to TopGear followers who are car geeks. Huge difference.
    For me, it comes down to this: TopGear puts on an all around more entertaining show. I would rather spend an evening talking to any one of the three TopGear cast members than all of the Mythbuster cast at once. Ok, maybe except for the girl, but that has absolutely nothing to do with my liking the show or finding her interesting.

  2. wetnoodle

    I agree totally. Besides Adam and Jamie on Mythbusters, the cast sucks. Total dorks who think they are funny but instead suck the life out of the show. I almost always turn it off as soon as one of their segments come on..unless of course the girl is in some skimpy outfit.

  3. Scott84

    I must admit that I’m surprised to see Myth Busters tackle so many car related stunts. From the few car episodes I’ve seen they push the myth to the breaking point. So even if a snow blow can’t split a car into two at normal speeds, they will drive it down a rocket sled to see what it would take to split a car. That being said, I agree that TopGear hosts the best car show with real personality.

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