Awash in Oversized Vehicle Charges at the Car Wash

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So I asked the guy at the car wash, how do you judge a car as “over sized” and charge an extra $2 bucks. At least, I think it was a guy. He had long hair he kept pushing aside so he could see, had a really high voice and was young enough it could go either ways. A quick check as he walked away… yup, jeans halfway down around the ass. It was a dude. Good thing, because I addressed him as “hey man” when he first walked up and didn’t need to feel like a complete jackass.

“Well, we charge for the extra soap, water and time it takes to clean all the glass.”

“Yeah, I get that. I want to know why my CX-7 built on a MAZDA3 platform is designated as oversized. If I rolled up in a hatch back MAZDA3 would you charge me?”

“We charge extra for crossover vehicles. That truck over there would be an extra $3. Not much I can do, the management makes me do it. I agree this isn’t any bigger.”

“Good you see my point. If I drive up in a BMW 750iL that has more surface area than my CX-7, I don’t get charged extra. You guys are stereo typing. Where do you draw the line?”

It was clear I hit a dead end here so I asked for the manager. The manager wasn’t really the one making the call, the owner was. So I asked for the owner. The owner wasn’t there. He was probably out spending the extra cash from the biggest marketing scam to be perpetrated on the American public since “the need” for SUVs. So, I asked for his contact. An email from me and a couple days later, I get the same reply the kid gave me.

Stay tuned for my class action lawsuit. I want to stand up for the man, woman and those in between who have cars with less surface area than the average sedan! Yet, they get charged more money because of a crossover or SUV vehicle classification! Who’s with me? Any lawyer have some time to kill?

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  1. wetnoodle

    Pinko commie bastards living out there! They will claim it is for “environmental” reasons

  2. Paul "Groosh" Grusche

    Hey wetnoodle, no sense in going off the deep end. Let’s assume when someone drives a big-ass SUV, they deserve to pay a few extra duckets.

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