Karma Will Get You

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Henry Fisker spoke at the Concorso Italiano where he introduced the Karma sedan. It was your typical hoopla of car conversation that you’ve probably already read, so I won’t repeat it here. But one point is worth repeating and actually turned me off a bit. Henry, without a lead in question, says, “and the good thing is that our company is an American company.” Almost Henry… missed it by that much.

Karma’s 2.0-liter Ecotec gasoline engine comes from GM. The batteries will come from EnerDel of Indianapolis. Much of the powertrain integration is being provided by Quantum Technologies of Irvine, Calif. But the car will be assembled by contract auto builder Valmet Automotive in Finland. The last I checked, Finland was across the ocean from us.

To be fair, Fisker wants to retool an auto plant in the U.S. to expand the line with its plug-in mass-market sedan but doesn’t have the funds. That’s why the company seeks a loan from the government’s Advanced Technology Vehicles Manufacturing program. Tesla, along with Nissan and Ford, already have received loans totaling more than $8 billion out of $25 billion allotted for the program. Automakers and suppliers have submitted more that 100 applications for the remainder.

As I understand it, the applications are confidential and Fisker hasn’t disclose the amount his company is seeking. Must but a big chunk. But Fisker says granting the loan would be an opportunity to show “America can again take the lead” on automotive technology.

Sure good plan. It will go good with the lead we take on stretching the truth and misleading the general public. I brought up Henry’s statement at Concorso in my interview with Victor Muller and he said, but they build the car in Finland with a puzzled look.

Yup, my point exactly.

Update: Fisker’s has about 50 employees in its headquarters in Irvine and has taken 1,400 refundable deposits to date.

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