Marley & Me, We Have An Abby

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I finally watched Marley & Me. We have a three year old yellow lab that is a sweetheart. Ever since we got her, I’ve been asked one, two… forty times. Did you read the book Marley & Me? Thanks no, I’m waiting for the movie. I’ll send you a copy. No, that’s not necess… ok sure that’d be great.

Thankfully, the book plague passed to be replaced by, you guessed it. Did you see the movie Marley & Me? Waiting for it to come out on DVD. Did you? Yes, ok, I saw the movie and I loved it. Cried my heart out. It hits that close to home. Can it be compared to Lassie? I don’t know. I think I watched that once when I was like five.

As always, I paid attention to the cars. They drove an early 80’s vintage Toyota Tercel and Honda Accord. Once they were married it was the first generation Odyssey and a Volvo. At least I didn’t fall off that deep end, I’m still in my M5 and 912. Funny the dog never tore up the cars in the movie. The must have been rentals. I used to put Abby on the back shelf of my Miata. It was a ’93 LE, black with red leather and a hard top. I took off the soft top and ran with the hard top permanently, so it was perfect for dog commuting. Just getting her in and out was enough to scratch the bajeezis out of the interior. One paw out the window and there goes your paint. Dog hair? OMG. If Marley & Me missed on one realism, it was the eight hours it takes to clean your dog soaked car before selling it.

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  1. EMPM, Esq

    Marley & me & Abby makes three. Idk, that is what I thought when I read the headline. That aside, I hear you on the dog hair in the car and the scratch up everything issue. My Labradoodle is not a big car ride fan and sticks her head out the whole ride and drools, so it looks like someone puked on the side of my car after I take her for a ride. She and her sister, the Rottweiler, are not the most delicate dogs so, thankfully, my rear seats fold down. If they didn’t I would have a whole bunch of holes in the leather. I guess this is yet another reason why I need to get myself a sports wagon or a hot hatch or even, dare I say it, a SUV.

  2. Paul "Groosh" Grusche

    Ok, I changed the headline a bit and damn… but dare you said it. SUV. Notice how I conveniently left the part where I have an old ’95 Montero out of the story?

  3. EMPM, Esq

    I like the new headline!
    And the 95 Montero was cool because it kind of pre-dates the start of the big SUV craze by about a year. It came out before every soccer mom had to have one. Plus, they never caught on, which gives it added cool points. Plus, it’s the real deal, just ask any third world revolutionary and/or dictator, so additional cool points. Plus, I know what you paid for it, so many, many more cool points. Plus, Killer had one… which pretty much takes away all of your cool points. So it has one cool point, which still makes it cooler than 99% of the SUVs out there. With the exception of the AMG G Wagon. No other SUV is cooler than that; even if Killer bought one it would still be cooler than all of the rest of the SUVs out there.*

    * the LM002 is not mentioned because I don’t know what to classify it as. It is sporty but has very little utility, but in a good way. It may possibly be the coolest purpose-built vehicle to ever grace the roads that will never be used for the purpose it was built for – unless you spend the weekends engaging in desert warfare, which would just be that much cooler. And it sure would be a lot cooler if you did…

  4. Paul "Groosh" Grusche

    You flatter the Montero and I like it. Damn that Killer!

    LM002, yes please… until it breaks. But of course if you bought me one and then kept the maintenance up because I’ve earned it with all of my cool points, that would be swell.

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