Four 914s, Three Hour Drive, Two BMWs and a Partridge Sitting Next to Audis

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On Monday I went and visited Nick in Benzie County – about 3.5 hours north of Ann Arbor. He owns the four Porsche 914s I posted a couple weeks ago. For $7,500 it was a deal I had to check out. No, no. I didn’t drive up north solely to sneak a peak. I was up north already with the family and happened to be 15 minutes from where the cars are located… un a field at his friend’s house.. down by the river. I wish. There was no river but instead a European spawning ground of Nick’s top picks for restoration that will never get done. He is moving out of state in February and the cars have to go.

The white 1970 914 was in really good shape, save for the cracked dash and “meh” interior. Someone clearly loved the car but also loved their idea of taste. Note custom wood grain center stack, outside mirrors, 1974 bumperettes, dual Ansa exhaust, carbs and other add ons. Still a clean car, relatively rust free car that runs and drives and Nick says has a strong motor. I’d believe him. He seemed like a straight shooter. The other three 914s were in need but a plaid interior is always a bonus. Two of the cars are ’75 1.8s but the ’72 1.7 is a wreck. Probably parts only.

The BMWs are 740iLs and the Audis are A6 Quattro 2.8s. All automatics. Apparently the A6 2.8s have a dual overhead cam design with chain driven exhaust valves (if I’m remembering this right.) The 2.7s are single cam. When the 2.8s wear out the chain guides all hell can break loose in the engine. One of his 2.8s has loose hell the other one does not. Same goes for the BMWs. One has a blown engine, the other does not. Take two and make one was the plan.

All in all it’s a solid collection at give-away prices. I would like to jump on the 914s but I have no where to put them. it’s a decision I’m sure to remember and most likely regret. But hey, there are always other opportunities.

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