Detroit Auto Show, No Go

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For years, probably about 25 on and off, I’ve attended the Detroit Auto Show. Even when we lived in California we were making trips back to Michigan for the holidays and given the timing of the show would stay longer for company events and take part in walking the carpet. There were even a handful of black tie charity previews graciously paid for by my wife’s company where I was the over enthusiastic kid skipping along for the ride. I’d chat about this car or that nonstop and took bottles of champagne from willing servers to keep our momentum going since finding the next manufacturer to give a spot of booze were few and far between that year.

For 2015 I didn’t take the time to submit stories from Motor Car Market magazine to earn the four press passes and wrist bands that typically unlock Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium. It was more work than I was willing to endure and my friends/colleagues of the magazine were just as happy to go on a public day. That day was supposed to be yesterday. But it came and went without fanfare or a pothole ridden, boarded up building drive into D-town. Roy, my friend from Ohio, wasn’t feeling up for the trip after his father passed away. Tyler from Chicago was in Detroit last week so two trips seemed unlikely and I’ve been busy with other projects. The NAIAS is in full swing with profits up across the board for car makers. But this year, it looks like I’ll be more off than on their soft woven, padded carpet.

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