Custom Bike Plane Thing

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A failed attempt at a car that looks like a plane made from a motorcycle.  Folk art in a yard, I’ve been driving past this thing for over a year now.  I finally stopped.  The motorcycle is Kawasaki 454 driving two wheels in the back.  But where the builder bankrupted the balance was placing two seats side by side yet leaving the front steering set up like a chopper motorcycle.  The “ca-plane” will do no more than jack knife from side to side without ever balancing.  Had the seats been jockey’d front to rear then balance would be restored, but the universe would still be searching for reason.   

The original owner abandoned the project in a motorcycle shop’s side yard in Northern Michigan.  Current owner had other tidbits of information such as the custom made windshield and rear glass cost nearly $2,000 and the engine was actually quite good… at some point.  He said $1,000 would buy it.  I asked if he was in touch with the builder but no surprise, he doesn’t know his whereabouts.     

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