1969 Simca 1204 GLS

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“My father passed away in March of this year and he has owned this car since 1995.  It sat in his garage for the last 10+ years.  I am told that when he put it in the garage it did run.  However, I have not put a battery on it to see if it will even start.  With that said, and because my father is not here to give a better description, this car is being sold AS IS.  I don’t intend for that to scare anyone away… we’re just being very upfront and honest.  I bought $259 worth of 13″ tires on 6/11/13 (receipt available) to be able to move it out of the garage for the pictures.  If you like rare, small, foriegn cars and looking for a project… this may be right up your alley!  I wish that I could tell you more about it… but I am not a mechanic.  I’m including numerous photos so that you get a good feel for it.”

Where can you buy four tires mounted for $259 bucks?  Oh, Kentucky.

I can see this hopped up like a classic Mini with driving lights.  Looks very original with mirror and bumpers.  I like it for the $1000 or $1,250 Buy it Now.

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