Craigslist "porsche targa carrera $10000"

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113,000 MILES


If it appears that I’ve been a bit distracted and haven’t posted in a timely fashion, it’s because I don’t have dementia.  The uncle who owned this car doesn’t either, as far as he knows.  The niece however confirmed, the old man was losing it.

The family needed to sell his two cars, the other being a 1985 380SL, and found Craigslist to be the best route.  I saw the ad pop up Wednesday night around 9PM and was drawn into the possibilities.  A two door Porsche with t-tops, purple window tint, something special indeed.

The girl was very nice on the phone when I called the following morning.  She said was having everyone interested in the cars over on Saturday when she would be down from LA.  Originally she posted the car for $14K but didn’t get much action and reduced it to $10K for a quick sale.  It worked but was I quick enough? 

I was very cordial on the phone, since she didn’t know squat about the car except one key detail.  It was a 1989 Carrera.  That would be the last year for the torsion bar suspension 911 and arguably the last year of the iconic 911 started in 1965 (don’t write me to tell me it’s the 993 of 1998 unless you are arguing.  Note: I did say arguably). 1 of 860 US spec Targas produced in ’89 is fairly rare.  I finally asked, “how are you going to manage everybody that’s coming over?”

Ding, ding, ding, we have a winner.  “You sound nice,” she replied.  “I actually have to be down tomorrow (Thursday), can you meet me at 10AM?”

Could I?  Would I?  You betcha. 

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