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If you are in the ad business, you’ve probably already heard.  BBDO is d-o-n-e.  BBDO is the Detroit Chrysler ad agency that was contracted for nine years.  That contract expires January 2010 when the business goes up for grabs.  About 500 people are most likely going to be shit-outta-luck at that point.  At least, the other 1,500 or so that have been sliced and diced over the years since the great merger between Bozell and BBDO had a head start. 

The writing was on the wall when Fiat took over.  BBDO has been pushed around for years since their bankruptcy and buyout.  It’s not like the old days when one agency rained supreme for decades to help build a brand.  Now we sell our American companies to oversees interests so they can suck any profit out of our country.  I mean Fiat!?  Fiat was chased with a stick out of America but kept alive by Italians who created incentive to buy their nation’s cars while blocking foreign imports.  They own Ferrari, Maserati and bodda-bing, puff puff poof the territory that shunned them in what used to be the largest and most influential car market in the world.  Come on, let’s admit it.  We are starting to suck here.     

I really feel for the folks at BBDO.  We still have friends there and wish them all the best through what will be difficult times.  Hopefully the economy will continue it’s upwards trend and Fiat will see the value in the loyalty and knowledge of some really solid people.

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