Concours d’ Elegance of America – RM Auction Preview

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My buddy Don and I didn’t drive anything show worthy on Friday night, like a Porsche, but rather his black on black Tahoe. The Tahoe surprised me with a secure sense of eliteness after years of watching so many government officials and presidents roll General Motors. It was well appointed and had a solid road feel. When we arrived at the Inn of St. John’s in Plymouth, Michigan, we parked at the tail end of the lot where a couple cameramen scurried about to shoot lot shots. A Maserati Indy caught my eye immediately as we walked up to our behind the scenes night, the auction preview coupled with a couple parking lot shows.

The car shows were Italian and German from what I could tell but I never did catch the name of the event. The Autobahn night we attended last year either evolved or was replaced. There were quite a few rally car taking off as we strolled in at 7:15pm. Loud, raspy, free flow exhausts echoed off the building along with some woman yelling “Porsche people! PORSCHE people!” I stood at attention. But apparently it was a call for those who entered a contest of some sort as part of the show. Porsche won. Won what? I have no idea.

The RM auction tent is always my favorite. Hob knobbing with people who have serious interest in buying one of the gorgeous cars. Don and I were pretty nick picky when it came to the Porsche 911s. There was a 1970 911E and a 1972 911S both expecting to bring low to high six figures. And while I hate being the guy that talks about a car he didn’t take a picture of, that always bugs me in magazines, I was captivated by a Series III Aston Martin Lagonda. It smelled moldy inside, the door panel fit was awful and the dark gray paint job fair to not that good. Auction estimate? $85,000 to $125,000. I was off by almost half as I thought $75,000 would be all the money. Many of the estimates surprised me as being high but that’s why I’m there during the preview, not the actual event.


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