Jalopnik Posted This 904 vs Cayman

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This simple photo brought a lot of comments on Jalopnik today. Comparison of old vs. modern Jaguars, Miatas and Minis with comments that the fed required crumple zones and air bags necessitated larger cars. Really, sure it wasn’t fat Americans? I drove a Ford Explorer Sport over the weekend and it felt huge around me compared to our Acura MDX. I liked the ergonomics, power and handling of the Ford but it was a vast wasteland from me to the arm rests.

Vastness may be more comfortable to some than the nakedness of a vintage sports car on the freeway, and I feel ya. Is that why small cars simply fail here, ala the Smart? Because many people are uncomfortable in small cars? I tell you, I’d like to see more back to a basics small sports cars like the Subaru BR-Z or for that matter a basic small car. With all the electronics of the modern age, threats of hacking and self driving cars, I would love to see the flip phone of cars developed. A to B without the C – computer complicated, crap. And make it small.

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