Class A Vintage RV Project – $5500 (Fraser Valley, Vancouver BC)

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Pluchek, O’Mara, Hiccupski… O’Hara, Swatchahowiz, Gilbralski

There’s only one man between Brimlovich and the goal.
It’s Swatchahowiz!  He’s moving up fast.
…Brimlovich’s running is still brilliantly deceptive…
Swatchahowiz is picking up speed.
So is Brimlovich!
There’s a time out called…

Find it here on Craigslist.

“Roadrunner! Here is a very unique project, may be the only one know to still exist! There were only a handful of these built in the mid/late sixties, this one is powered by a 455 olds eng. and is front wheel drive.”


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