1958 Chevrolet Corvette

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SOLD: on January 21, 2011 this sold for $30,100.

UPDATE: 9:19AM EST – After contacting the owner, I found that the engine is not believed to be original.  The car was a basket case when he bought it.

“I think everything is there to complete the car (at least 98 %) except the brakes.” 

What is it about brakes?  I feel like 50% of the time when a car needs work, the brakes are always shot or the last to get attention.  Doesn’t anyone care about stopping?

I love this project though and so do a lot of people.  In one day, bidding shot from $5,000 start to over $20,000 but the reserve is still intact.

Find it here on eBay in Foston, Georgia.

Selling my 58 vette that I have owned for the past 28 years.  The car will be an easy winter project since most everything is there to complete the car.  I haven’t worked on the car in several years and have lost interest. The car has been garaged since I began working on it 20+ years ago.  I am selling the car to make room for other toys.

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