C-5 Corvettes , “the Evil Twins” – $15995 each (petoskey)

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If these are as rare as he says, it would be pretty cool to own them if you’re wife would ever let you buy a Vette.  There I go projecting again.  You’re wife or significant other may not have a problem with you owning a Vette.

On Northern Michigan Craigslist.

“I have up for sale the “evil twins” these are 97 & 98 . The scheme on the cars is Rolex 24 hrs of Daytona Pace cars (VERY RARE). They ARE REPLICARS! Each car has low 100k miles. Each may need lil items to make perfect. Nothing that effects driving. My wife and I had enough fun running these around together but time to move on. Price is $15995 EACH, or if you’re fortunate enough to be able to aquire both we can work on a package price. Both are 5.7″

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