Buick Has Finally Arrived

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There are ways of telling when a car has finally become cool.  Chicks know what you are talking about when you name drop your ride at the bar.  Rappers put them in videos.  And cops pull you over for speeding.  Cops don’t pull over everyone for speeding.  It’s a car’s attitude that first tips them off, followed by the “are you paying attention factor”, until finally the actual digits above legal seals the deal. 

Out of the three factors above, you’d have to be smokin’ the nanner peels to think Buick has ever made it into the top ten of highway demons.  First, there has been no attitude whatsoever in Buick in like 40 years… save the GNX (without a stick I might add).  Second, no one has to pay attention to cops when driving a Buick because no one actually breaks the speed limit in them, ever.  Hence there forth my conclusion on Friday, Buick has arrived. 

The new LaCrosse pictured below was pulled over for speeding on HWY 15 to Vegas.  Vegas baby.  As a matter of course, I look at every car pulled over for speeding mentally note taking that cops like foreign expensive jobs and slammed rice burners with rigged rear wings.  Yes, your fancy SUV is included quite a bit too.  But a Buick?  I looked twice and then again when the woman, who clearly didn’t learn, caught up to me on the freeway.  Hmm… BMW like headlights, big grille that makes a statement and a back end that mimics the other Buick, Lexus.  Overall, not bad looking.  Squint when it approaches doing 90mph and it may even look cool.

  1. BRK NCK

    If Buick’s average buyer age drops below 55 in the next tens years, then they will have arrived.

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