BMW 325ix AWD 5spd car

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UPDATE: On February 8, 2011 this sold for under 500 bucks, $497.

“This car has 249,XXX miles on it when the #6 rod bearing wore away.  It rattles a little bit, more than I want to drive the car on so I put it away and found a used replacement short block. Had it shipped up here from VA and then sorta lost interest.”

The iX is another cool E30 that I’d love to add to my collection… along with thirty other cars and no place to store them.  With 29,589 325 iXs built worldwide, they offer relative exclusivity.  Heck, they ain’t building any more.  Personally, I’d opt for a sedan but the two door is nice.  This one is rust free and has some good maintenance already into it. 
Find it here on eBay in I-O-Waaaa for no money to start but who knows where the reserve will be.

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