Blog Name Change

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I was having a hard time looking at the title Bring a Blow Torch without thinking I juiced Bring a Trailer too much, kinda like Burger King did to McDonalds.  Or Original Rays Pizza did to Rays Pizza did to Rays Original, however that entire thing goes.  My point is, the way I see it there is always room for one more as long as you differentiate.  
But just to be clear, we are talking about websites that feature enthusiast cars for sale, not burgers or pizza pie.  Hmmmmmm… pizza pie and burgers…  On this site, I use my automotive career and car passion to hopefully give you a unique look at the market. For the most part, I focus on car and bike projects which is the way I like them.  Here’s to the new name:
Groosh’s Garage
Cause everything I feature here, I’d most likely put in my garage if I could.  Hope you enjoy. 

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