928 Porsche 1979 – $1000 (Fremont, Ohio)

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“I bought this car many years ago. 1979 928 Porsche 5sp air pw ps pb pdl 4 wheel disk breaks all leather v-8. It was from a broker hired by the original owner. I picked it up in New Jersey. It had set for many years and I was told to take it easy on the way home. However I got on the Jersey pike and let As I went on a almost 10 year extended. When I got into PA I blew the clutch. Had my workers come pick it up with my roll back. Shortly after I got in some trouble with the Feds and they threaten to take it. And since they took one of my vettes I said take it but I am not putting a clutch in it for you. They left it. And I left it set. As they sent me on a all expense paid Federal vacation, it has been setting now for 10 plus years. I am selling it as a parts car as I never finished the title. I have it and will give a power of attorney to complete it at your expense. Sold as is. Everything worked when parked except clutch as said.

I have new respect for the feds and almost no clue what this guy is talking about.     
On Craigslist in Sandusky, Ohio.

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