77 Honda 3wheeler90cc $475 (Saline)

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“Saline. Great pit bike for Dragstrip or your farm. Classic/rare, body in pretty good, solid condition. ORIGINAL PAINT & LOGO IN GREAT CONDITION. Kept in barn. Seat needs repair/recover. Cranks over, but won’t stay running – not seized up. Includes 1 extra tire. Great father/son project for this winter…”

The world’s first ATV, Honda’s three-wheel US90, was introduced to America in 1969. The US90, later renamed the All-Terrain Cycle 90 (ATC) in 1971, was powered by an 89cc four-stroke single-cylinder engine that sent its 7-horsepower through a dual-range four-speed gearbox with automatic clutch. It featured extras such as a Swivel-Lok handlebar for easy loading in a trunk or station wagon, and was sold for just $595.

Dude this totally brings back memories of soliciting donations from lunch school patrons so I could buy my first ATC, the Honda 110.  When I had finally scrounged enough money through this special program plus cutting lawns, my mom said no to the purchase.  It didn’t really matter.  If I wasn’t riding my own, I was just riding my buddies.  Took the money and bought a Sach’s moped instead.

Find it here on Craigslist.

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