1980 Lotus Esprit Project Lotus Esprit for sale by a Rolls Royce & Bentley shop

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“Here we offer a 1980 Lotus Esprit. This car has been extensively mechanically rebuilt including the engine, front and rear suspension, brakes, steering, fuel system and more. The engine and the rest were rebuilt by Sport and Classic Car Company in Houston. The engine received the hot 777 camshafts, new 10.5:1 pistons with rings, all new crankshaft bearings, new oil pump gears, new intake and exhaust valves, new valve guides and top level machine work with no expense spared.” 
OMG, it looks like the dash and doors are trying to make a run for it by slithering out of the car.  Click on the picture and it will go big.
Cars and coffee chatter:  Aaron Robinson’s column from this month’s Car and Driver touched on the early Esprit.  Let’s see if I can remember the quote… oh yes here it is.  Mutual acquaintance John Lacey had a ’77 Esprit that he drove from New Orleans to Houston …”before the crank shaft exploded.  Not broke. Ex-plode-ded.  If you buy it, lose my number.”
But Aaron, less you missed it.  This car is being sold by a Rolls Royce and Bentley shop.  So if I didn’t think this was a money in the bank before, now you can be sure all yours will be transferred to theirs.
Find it here on ebay.

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