Restoration Wednesday, Porsche 928 S4

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This is actually my car. Still in Mr. Cramer’s garage which he plans to move out of to his new shop in Warren in a couple weeks. If you’re getting tired of hearing about it there, you share the sentiments of me and my mechanic Stephen. It’s not that we don’t love the car or working on them but at this point it will be almost one year in his care (I really wasn’t in any hurry, really) and we’d both like it to be running it’s best and “outta here.”

What’s the problem? The idle still hunts. I stopped by his house Saturday night for Newcastles, tunes and tuning when we tried a last ditch effort before moving onto the inevitable. We tested the exhaust port to see if there was a build up of back pressure causing trials and tribulations. Everything blew fine. So now Stephen gets to step into fun ville of pulling the intake manifold to test the idle control valve. Typically this wouldn’t be an issue but he already snapped one bolt trying to remove it and anticipates more of the same working around the horn.
On a brighter note we took it for a ride. Stephen drove lazy grandpa style with left foot brake and right foot gas. It was the only way to keep it running. But you know what? It drove great. Transmission shifts perfectly, shocks feel in good nick and engine has plenty of power. He said it compares favorably to another client’s S4. Let’s just hope they don’t get compared side by side. Because that would mean mine is still in his shop.

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