2005 Mini Cooper Base Hatchback 2-Door 1.6L, $3000

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$_57-1 $_57-2 $_57
Three things surprised me about this ad.

• One: Minis are that cheap now. Wonder how they are holding up.
• Two: this guy took fair condition KBB and went down from there. Who does that?
• Three: He’s got a Texas long horn sticker on the back triggering a wedge-worthy-trivial-pursuit-like fact that I actually know. U of M will most likely play University of Texas — in 2024. Crap. University of Texas better be the long horns.

On eBay in Texas with a Buy it Now of $3,000. He says it needs a water pump and since KBB with 165K miles is $3,200 in fair condition he dropped it a bit to bump up the “need it gone” factor.

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