2004 Super Seven – $20000 (Ann Arbor)

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The rump looks like someone slapped a steamer trunk between some wheels and called it a day. But I can’t argue with the rest of the angles. The big mouth bass grille coupled with round chrome lights, or yellow square ones depending on which picture you look at, plus side pipes make for a purpose built look. If you told me the carburetors were going to stick through a cut out on the bonnet, I would say “stop talking crazy man, I’m not building a V8 gasser.” Yet somehow I find them more appealing breathing into a GSX-R1300 Hayabusa engine. My only beef and beit minor is the inviting worn-in seat belts and black leather seem to contrast against the bright yellow, modern wheels and sequential gear box. This thing must haul the mail.

Thanks to reader John for this forward on Ann Arbor Craigslist.

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