Restoration Wednesday, Rebuilding Original Zenith Carbs for the 911

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Over the winter I did like most Michigan car collectors do, sulk. Surprisingly waiting for the road salt to clear wasn’t as bad as it normally is around these parts. It rained and tipped the mercury close to 60 degrees in January, February and March. That meant I took the toy cars out for runs down the freeway but not the 911. It sat patiently in storage while I rebuilt the original Zenith carburetors with 130 main jets, 57 idle air and 30mm venturis. All the parts came from Rocky at Italian Caburator in Italy and the larger venturis were his creation. He also picked the jetting for my 2.2 specifically driven in the low lying lands of the Midwest.

The only problem I had with the rebuild kits were the o-rings for the mixture screws. They were porky. Of the five I tried to jam-in-there with a little oil lubrication all of them split apart. I ended up ordering three different sizes from McCaster. Size #3 did the trick. Carbs are all buttoned up and ready to put on but I decided to cad plate the throttle linkage with Dale at Plymouth Plating. It may be another week before pretty pieces are back together and dialed in. Just in time for summer.

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