2003 Porsche Boxster – VERY RARE Hardtop – Triptronic – $15500 (Rochester Hills)

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Boxsters seem to have hit the depreciation curve bottom after their launch almost 20 years ago. I’m sure more cheap ones will be available for years to come but decent ones hover around $10,000 asking. Just check previous owners used distilled water in the radiator and the IMS bearing was replaced. As with anything, maintenance records are everything. But so is a rare hardtop. I’m fascinated by this Zeintop Hardtop of which only 200 were made according to the seller. The lines are so Cayman I have to wonder which came first since I can’t be bothered to look it up. If I were in the market, I might make the mover for this tiptronic Boxster for the hardtop alone. Then I could be “that guy” later in life which is a constant goal of mine.

Find it for sale on Detroit’s Craigslist.


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