1979 Mercedes 450SL – $3500 (Ypsilanti)

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This car has a lot of new parts in the last five years which makes it look like a great find but the owner ends the write up with: “I have owned it for about a year and have did some cleaning and tuning up. It is a lot of fun to drive and gets a lot of compliments. You can’t find a nicer 450sl at this price.” What’s up with that? Fair market value, the bottom end, is $6300 so why offer it up so cheap if it’s so great? Something isn’t so great I imagine or I’m going to pass on a gorgeous color combo car because I’m reading between the lines.


Find it here on Detroit’s Craigslist.

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  1. Paul Wilkins

    It must be a high miler judging by the aftermarket Securon seat belts as those Merc belts wear well, and the stalks are way too long. Another great post, thanks Paul, always a pleasure to read.

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