2000 Lotus Elise 111 Coupe

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“2000 Lotus Elise Series 1 Type 111S Millennium Edition finished in Dark Blue Metallic with Blue Alcantera interior. One owner car with EPA/DOT papers. Must be sold as a race car only. Not for street use. Imported by the original owner back in 2004, this incredible lightweight, nimble sports car is PERFECT for track day events. It’s easy to maintain and is light on brakes, gas, tires, maintenance and most importantly, your pocket. Weighing in at about 500lbs less than a US spec Elise, this car must be driven to appreciate. It is as though you are wearing it and not driving it. Just incredible. Thete are a few slight imperfections.”

I was on the fence since it’s not street legal until I read 500 pounds less.  That’s a whole lot of burgers and having driven the US spec Elise on the track, I can only imagine how much fun this would be.  

The Series 1 Elise came out in 1996 and weighed in at 1600 pounds.  2000 was the last year for production because it wasn’t able to meet European crash regulations, hence the redesign and the extra weight.   

On Hemmings in Pleasantville, New York for $21,900.

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