1969 Subaru 360 Hot Rod Boogie Van

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I have no idea what my fascination is with small stuff.  I could certainly house more of them in my garage.   Parking around town would be easy.  The claustrophobic interior might turn off my guest riders but to me it’s like a little fort.  This particular Subie is like brand new inside and out.  I would have picked something other than black though.

On eBay in Anaheim, California for $28,000 or Make Offer.

  1. Joseph Czelusniak

    Hello. I know this is like 3 yeaes too late but I love the stance on ur 360 van. Im about to grab a 360 pickup and wanta the same look? Did u lower it? And how did u? Wheel and tire size? Any tips wold be great.

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