1999 project rolling shell spec series

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Holy crap, what the hell is it??   I don’t think I can ever say I was literally scared by the likes of this picture.  If ever there was a project that I’m not going to tackle, it’s the one that made me jump back… want kiss myself, hiaiii!

“NO RESERVE ; We have a 1999 Boxster shell. This is a non collision car. We purchased in 2000 for mock up. It was a front fire damage car with 3500 miles. It has a complete stock suspension no brakes. The fenders hood and rear bumper are fiberglass parts. The wheels are NOT included with the sale.” 

Find is here on eBay with an asking price of $2,000.  You can buy the entire stinking car for $8,000 these days.  Not sure what these guys are tokin’.

  1. Jack T

    Where do people come up with their prices? Be happy you don’t have to pay someone to tow it away.

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