1999 Custom Built Motorcycles Exup Yamaha

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I don’t know, something about it just seemed kinda cool.  Maybe it’s because I just watched a rerun of American Pickers and Frank bought a custom chopper that was all yellow and angular.  Or maybe it’s because it kinda looks like a Esprit if you squint at the front.  Or maybe I just want to go to the Netherlands and relive 1999 which is where this is up for bid starting at $14,000.

“Trigger Y150
Performance 3-wheeler, the “big” brother from the Trigger Scootercars/Gocar rentals in the US/Spain!Trigger Y150 Vehicle Description:
Engine Yamaha FZR 1000 EXUP engine.
One piece at the world.
Very fast en great handling due to low centre of gravity and advanced suspension.
Length 350 cm Width 175 cm Weight: 500 kg.
Output 150 HP 10.500 revs. 0-100 km/h 4,5 sec and 105 km/h in 1st gear Top speed about 210 km/h
Floating discs at the front.
Custom built WP shock absorbers
Electric reverse
Roofpanels included
Lot of luggage space in the front and rear
Leather covered dashboard
New chain and sprockets
Rear Tire 245/35 16″ new Front tires 195/45 15″ new”

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