1967 Triumph Tiger Cubs

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Tiger Cubs is plural.  As in three bikes, two frames, multiple engine cases and lots of other parts all for $5,900 through the classified ads on eBay.  Problem is that Tiger Cubs are worth about $2,500 in good condition.  One bike is complete the others are projects and the one hasn’t ran in five years.  Plus there is no doubt you will need additional parts to complete each bike while parting out the ones without titles.  Lots of work.
Still I’m on the fence.  I love me a good project.  Buying up some guys inventory is how I got my start in the vintage Porsche parts business.  What a way to learn too.  Each part you sell needs to be researched before advertising it so as not to look like a U-Pick-It. 
I spoke with the owner of this collection last night.  Nice guy who is semi-retired.  He’s owned several motorcycle franchises, such as Honda and Kawasaki, in his day and did exactly what I’d like to do with these Triumphs.  Buy stuff as projects and then wait for the day to fix ’em.  His day never came and now he wants money to upkeep the bikes he does ride.  
Pick it, pack it, fire it up… pass it on… and buy projects before they’re gone.

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