1991 BMW 525i Turbo Project – $1400 (Indian River)

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If I were a betting man, I bet I wouldn’t finish this project either. But wow is it chopped full of good stuff. I love the e34 body style and gotta believe that this car with a turbo would be a hoot.

Find it for sale on Northern Michigan Craigslist.


“I have a 1991 525i that I have been in the process of turboing. I started school and don’t have the time or money to finish it anymore so I’ve decided to sell it. It has a few small dents and scratches but the body is in great shape for its age. It also has no rust and the bottom of the car has been coated to protect it from rust. The exhaust was cut off so a custom downpipe could be welded to it. I have put lots of time into this car, but it still needs some more time and money put into it. I have almost everything it needs to be finished. The motor has been rebuilt by previous owner and very few miles have been put on it since then. I also have a spare motor and transmission that appears to be in good shape that will come with it also, and lots of other random parts. It ran good before I took it apart. The whole interior is stripped out (sound deadening, carpet, seats, interior panels, radii, speakers, etc. But I have everything still. Here is a list of most of the new stuff and parts:

New piston rings
New camshafts
New head gasket
New valve cover gasket
New spark plugs
Turbo oil feed
Turbo oil drain
Air filter
New T3/T4 turbo
Turbo manifold
440cc fuel injectors
Fuel pressure regulator
Boost gauge
Boost controller
Turbo oil feed special adapters (specific for this car)
New tires
Probably more I’m forgetting.”

  1. Groosh

    My mechanic friend at Autocore who builds race cars offered this:

    I love the e30, e34, e32 body styles….when the badge numbers made sense. 3, 5, 7 series with an ocasional 6 or 8 thrown in. I always wanted a sleeper E34. The parts in this project though won’t quite fit the bill, I wouldn’t use any of it. I’d go with at least 900cc injectors, AEM standalone, and a gt35rb twin scroll turbo. The new generation of turbo have zero lag.

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