1986 Alfa Romeo Spider Veloce – $5500 (PROSPECT)

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This would be on my list with a rebuilt motor and new paint job in a gorgeous color combination. But I don’t like the ’86 dash and gauge cluster vs. the dual pod that came up through the ’70s to 1985.

This is for sale on Louisville Craigslist.

“Selling my 1986 Alfa Romeo, Pininfarina body. New rebuilt engine, new clutch, new paint. no rust. runs great. needs some minor electrical work and rear bumper re-installed. unfinished project car that’s almost done. just lost interest and need the garage space.”

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  1. Steven H

    (needs some minor electrical work) I’ve heard that before. Usually means, can’t find the electrical gremlins and could mean, needs wiring harness that’s worth more then car.

    • Groosh

      Good one! As someone that has been working to rewire a 914 1.8, I can honestly say wiring problems do not scare me. However harness that cost more than cars do.

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