1991 Alfa Romeo Spider

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“Description: 1991 Alfa Romeo Spider powered by a 2.0L 4 cylinder and a 5 speed manual transmission. It features a leather interior, AM/FM/Cassette audio, power windows, and aluminum alloy wheels mounted on Pirelli tires with good tread. Looks nice! The odometer reads 25,791 miles. 

Estimated Repairs: Deemed insurance loss due to flood from Hurricane Sandy. Does not currently run. No water found in the oil pan and engine will turn over by hand.”

Once a year we go down to Florida to visit my father-in-law.  The “bar” opens at 5 o’clock every evening at his house.  Must be nice to be retired, or on vacation, because we drank seven nights straight.

This year he was watching the neighbor’s house while they were up north.  He had the key so we wandered over.  In the garage lay a red 1990 Alfa Romeo Spider with only 28K miles on it.  I thought it was special until I saw the automatic and almost spilled my drink inside it.  

Consequently, I found this Spider special until I saw the seats which look like I spilled my cookies on them after too many drinks.  You could get a ruler to tell exactly how deep the exasperation was from hurricane Sandy.  Ironically, we watched The Graduate two nights later.

Take your own shot at the bidding on CrankyApe.com.  Car is located in Waverly, New York.

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