Vintage BMW Mercedes Fiat Porsche and Peugot Parts Manuals Tools and Memorabilia

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“Hi, this auction is a rare and unique auction. All items in this auction came from a dealership/mechanic shop “Foreign cars of New Paltz” that closed do to the owner retiring and having had both sons pass away there was no one to pass it too. I am selling two tractor trailors full of vintage BMW car and motorcyle parts, vintage Peugot, Mercedes, Porsche and other make parts, tools and memorabilia. All of the parts are OEM factory brand new still in sealed packages with the part numbers on them. All of the items have been logged into a book and itemized. This is truly rare and a must see. This is a very valuable buy for special mechanic shops or for individuals involved in car clubs. There is every tool imaginable that is needed for any job on these cars, all of which are factory name brand tools. There are wiring harnesses, bearings, rods, driveshafts, pistons, sleeves, interiors, steering wheels, fenders, hoods, emblems, windshield wipers, cables, pulleys, rings, cams, heads, valves, tranny parts, hubs, calipers, rotors, lines, levers, switches, relays, welders, oxy/acet torches, panels, hardware, shop manuals, service manuals, parts manuals, original microfiche, points, electrical components, exhausts, cats, rims, and many many many more specific, special, and rare parts. Please note that i reserve the right to terminate this auction at anytime due to buyers coming and viewing with offers. If you are truly interested in this auction please email me so that we can set up a viewing of these trailers. The only way you will get an idea of how much amazing stuff there is here you would really need to see it. Contact me for individual parts, manuals, tools, etc. So please email me and i will set up a meeting thats most convenient for you. Thank you”

I couldn’t build a garage fast enough for an opportunity like this.  Not sure what I’d do with the tractor trailers after unloading.  As much as I envy the people Mike and Frank meet storing mounds of crap they’ll never use inside multiple trailers and buses, I’m pretty sure my association would frown on anything in my driveway for over two weeks.  What’s that?  Ok. Ok.  You’re right.  They’d never make it to my house because wife would put the kibosh on the entire deal if I simply mentioned the word trailer.  You see we already have one of those adorning our garden.    

On eBay in New Windsor, New York for Buy it Now of $40,000.

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