1989 Toyota MR2 Supercharged

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Balances out the Bizzarrini below nicely doesn’t it?

Looks like a chick’s car.  Hold your pants up.  Not because it has been branded by everybody, including through my own personal experience, as a chick car.  This one happens to be listed by Shaney and the writeup is in bright pink.
Not many details on this daily driver except speedometer and odometer broken, 200K miles estimated, A/C and heat work, clean title.  Looks like a big exhaust pipe with a clean body and aftermarket wheels, Carfax report provided which is surprising. But confirms it’s been in the same location its entire life so rust shouldn’t be an issue.  
Reserved in Oklahoma on eBay
UPDATE: $2,375 should have taken this one around the block to your house on May 20,2011.  It didn’t.

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