1987 Factory Vanagon Syncro 4WD Westfalia Camper Price: $17500

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When I was still in denial about drugs and how they might make a Grateful Dead show better, there was an old friend from high school traveling with them.  Powers was doing it in a Syncro.  When I finally caught up to myself and attended a weekend show in Eugene, Oregon in 1993, I never saw my friend but his memory lived on everywhere.  Walking aimlessly past rows of VW buses I thought… that could have been a sweet syncro.   

This one is on The Samba in Merced, California.   I’d like to commend the guy for cleaning it.  I mean really cleaning it.  With 211K miles on the clock it could look a whole lot worse.  the front seats from this vantage point hardly even show wear.  $17,500 is all the money for one of these so I doubt he will get his asking. 

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