1986 Toyota MR2 – good rally-x car or Daily Driver AW11 – $3100 (Plymouth)

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It’s something I would never do but it looks like fun when it’s done. Lifted with skid plates.

For sale on Detroit’s Craigslist.

“Selling my 1986 Toyota MR2

74k miles
4AGE engine
5 Speed Manual Transmission
Mid engine
Rear wheel drive

Custom hitch
1.5″ lift(cut and welded strut mounts – still maintains stock struts and suspension geometry)
Very beefy front skid plate and light bar
Roof Rack
H4 headlight conversion (no, not the blue shit)
Kenwood radio (sounds nice)
Heated seats (awesome)

Car was driven 13,000 miles since May of 2014 – very reliable. Here are the parts that were replaced to get it to this point:
New pads and rotors – all 4 corners
Air filter
Coolant reservoir cap
Frest coolant
*Timing belt and tensioners
Shift cable bushings
Serp. belt
New exhaust
Clutch slave cylinder
5k miles on Goodyear Ultra grip winter tires
Brand new Monroe struts on all 4 corners

Also has:
Leather interior
Heated Seats
Power everything interior – all works
Sunroof – does NOT leak
Very smooth and well running engine – no warning lights
Fantastic transmission, one of the best i’ve ever driven.
Clutch is perfect.

Like almost every other AW11 MR2 or similar Toyota witha 4AGE engine, the distributor leaks oil. Doesn’t effect anything, runs perfect, can’t smell it, but it does leak.

Has rust on body. Underbody was rustproofed and surprisingly clean, suspension is not rusty at all. rockers are solid. Just the behind the rear wheels and one hole behind the drivers door, see photos.

This car runs and drives exceptionally well, this is from a time when Toyota built simple, reliable, interesting automobiles. Daily drive it, rally cross it, ice race it, it’s up for it.With the lift and slightly larger tires it handles the rough michigan roads very well. I’m sure I left something out so feel free to ask questions. “

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  1. Wrong Mr. Pickford Altogether

    Famous last words… “something I would never do.” You mean like buy a red automatic sports car? Must be mistaken…

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