1979 Subaru Brat – $4000

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Pictures are still from Arizona but it doesn’t sound like things changed much. Clearly he knows the jump seats are key because he doesn’t have them.

For sale on Ann Arbor’s Craigslist.


“1979 Subaru Brat

Bought in Arizona and shipped to Michigan in 2013

Was daily driven by previous owner, has been sitting since (covered)

Planned restoration was put on hold for home purchase

Searched for years to find one free of rust

Ran when parked, but not well

Small oil leak

Battery probably bad

Changed some fluids when I first got it

Interior isn’t great; dash is cracked, and seats are rough

Has fiberglass cap in okay shape

No jump seats or jump seats bracket

Missing a trim piece or two

Mileage believed to be orignial

Excellent candidate for restoration”

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  1. fred

    Enlighten me. Why would two rear facing seats under a cap be appealing?

  2. Groosh

    Well… first off the cap would have to go. But then. Then! You get the boyhood fantasy of watching everything whipping by in reverse. You can smile at people as the come up to you from behind. Stretch your legs out. Throw a ball against the tailgate. Stay dry when it rains by telling the driver “don’t stop!” When everybody else is sitting forward, you are sitting backwards. Good stuff.

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