1985 & 1987 Buick Grand Nationals

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When Grand Nationals simply become Bu-icks. This is a two for one auction.  Buy it Now $10,500.  One is running but not drivable, the other is missing the engine.  You could build one car or hold onto the package to dream of investment potential hidden beneath years of neglect.  Apparently the ’85 is one of 400 made with T-tops.

I can’t help wondering what would have happened to Buick if they’d follow this performance tact then put a stick-shift in something a la Cadillac.  Grand Nationals captured us back in the 80s with a blow-your-balls-off-the-line mentality.  They had me excited and wanting more but fell victim to statistics and continued to market to old putzes.   

Now they are shoe-horning Shaq into a car after Tiger woefully blew the sponsorship bunny.   I get the large-and-in-charge advertising angle with Shaq since two thirds of the US are obese or overweight.  People need a fat car to house their huge asses.  But can you imagine the halo effect of two decades of powerful sports cars vs. two campaigns of failed spokesman for cush couches?    

In Tallahassee Florida on eBay.

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