Settling an estate: 1983 Mercedes 300D & 1983 Porsche 944 – $500/each – $500 (Oak Park, MI)

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These belonged to my grandparents, they were the original owners. They both have been sitting undriven in their garage for over 20 years. Not sure if they run. The Mercedes has 31,000 miles. The Porsche has 17,000 miles. The hood and flip-up headlamp are crooked on the Porsche for some reason, no rust or dents, but very dusty. The Mercedes has no rust or dents, but very dusty and full of cob webs. Both have titles. Email if interested,

Also have a 1982 Cadillac Seville, it is in poor condition, it was left sitting outdoors since the late 1990’s, not sure if it is restorable. 29,000 miles. Make offer.” 

Turns out the mother and Aunt made the grandkid take the ad down after 85 emails.  They are now accepting best offer on all three or one car individually.

UPDATE November 15, 2012 from the owner:  “Hi, sorry it took so long to respond. The Porsche was sold for $3,000, and the Mercedes was just picked up today for $2,700 by someone else who left a deposit. I didn’t bother contacting anyone else since most offers were so much less. The Cadillac Seville is still in front of the house, but I figured you aren’t interested since no one else has been. Thanks for your interest though.”  

On Craigslist Detroit. 

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