1984 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ60/BJ60

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This guy claims 32 MPG highway and 24 MPG around town with the turbo diesel conversion.  That’s really great gas mileage for a big rig that weighs in at 4,246 pounds.  28 years later, new Jeep Wrangler Unlimiteds are only rated at 16/21 on gas.  Seems like technology should have given us better juice-to-distance ratios than that.  Jeep is planning to offer a diesel for 2013 models.  But I still have my doubts whether the MPG will match this Land Cruiser… which has me doubting the MPG claims on this Land Cruiser.  Oh the Linsanity.  See how I worked in a Jeremy reference?  I’m sooo current.
Not sure I can say that it’s worth the $24,000 asking price but I still like it.
On eBay in Brampton, Ontario Canada but it’s originally a California truck so import back to the US should be easy.

“A real head turner! This 1984 FJ60 with a TOYOTA 3B ENGINE, TOYOTA CT-26 TURBO AND A TOYOTA 5-SPEED TRANSMISSION sets the standard for expedition rigs and gets the looks on and off the trail!

I imported it from California in 2003 and it has been my pride and joy since then. It started life as a 6 cylinder gasser, but I swapped in a lightly used 3B diesel and a 5-speed manual transmission. To top it off, I added a Toyota Turbocharger and it rocks.

Mileage shown is in Kilometres – Thie mileage on the truck is about 292K. But the mileage on the turbo-charged 3B engine is only about 260,000 kilometres or 162,000 miles. It is strong and smooth. Compression on the 4 cylinders is 400+.
ENGINE: 24 to 32 MPG (Ciyt/Hwy). Plenty of room for an auxiliary fuel tank to for veggie oil or bio D.
~ Manual glow plugs for smooth cold starts.
~ Newly rebuilt fuel pump and rebuilt injectors spare fuel pump and injector lines.
~ Super slow creep 1st – get out of trouble gear.
~ Performance 2.5″ exhaust system.
~ New radiator, Water pump, Rebuilt starter.
~ Block heater,

I have towed a 7000 lb boat truck filled with gear – no problems the engine is really strong with great fuel efficiency, this truck will pull stumps out and just about anyting you put behind it.  The turbo is great for all driving, highway to off road it makes the engine real responsive and the turbo spools up real quick – no turbo lag. This turbo is oil and coolant cooled which means less cool down time and less oil cokeing of the bearings. 

 ~ Running 33″ BRIDGESTONES – almost  new 3000 miles – with two full size spares on same chrome rims
~ fully original chrome roof rack
~ Two batteries 1 year old real easy cold starts.
~ New carpet in the rear
~ Clutch replaced 2 years ago
~ rear springs replaced 3 years ago
~ Portable air compressor
~ Many extra parts, replacement door pannels, spare dash, pistons, fuel pump, crank, front engine cover too many to list
~ box of tow straps
~ head liner is in good condition, two small tears
~ driver’s seat has a tear – rest are good

BODY: The body is virtually rust free -Only two spots on the wheel well, one below the tail light and a little spot on the rear gutter the truck.

A California gem that has been babied.I believe that since it came from California, there is no problem to re-import to the U.S. – But you should confirm with your state DMV.”

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