1978 Subaru GF 4×4 Station Wagon

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“alright i have a bad ass 1978 subaru gf 4×4 station wagon this car is awesome i was gonna ej swap it for a rally monster but times and life change and i need something my fat ass fits into better for a more comfortable daily this thing gets about 30 mpg and is unstoppable it goes places my uncles k5 on 35’s wont due to its small size” 

Ah the ol’ fat-in-the-ass excuse for selling.  If I’ve heard it once, then I was definitely listening when they said it: 

“I’m looking to sell my car.  Been trying to butter myself into it for years now.  Love the ride, although it does seem to be getting slower despite the rebuild.  But I think it’s time to moo-ve on to greener pastures.  And by greener pastures, I mean fast food that I eat in my car while I stomp the pastures in my next rally monster.”

Check out everything new on this car including rebuilt motor and about everything you can replace.  186K but still looks largely original.  I like it.

Bidding starting at $1500 in Oregon on eBay.

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