1975 Opel manta – $600 (Lakeland, MN)

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From the ad: “Could be a good project car for somebody. It has a new motor(1.9 liter)with 4 side draft webbers never been run…”

I don’t get it… spend all the money to redo the engine but then dump the car without even driving it?  Oh right, no windows, mismatched wheels, rock holding back inevitability.  Meh… I’d buy the car for Weber carburetors alone.  Not sure but look like the same ones that bolt up to BMW 2002s.
Cars and coffee chatter: In 1975, all Manta and 1900 models were equipped with the Bosch L-Jetronic fuel injection in the United States due to emission regulations.  ’75 was the last year for the Manta A series car built from 1970-75 replaced by the restyled Manta B.

Find it here on Craigslist.

  1. Will

    Hey…you need to refer to your “Funk & Wagnells:Automotive Advertising Edition”.

    I believe “New motor, never been run” translates to “Complete buffoon assembled engine, had no clue how to set cam timing, couldn’t get it running due to all valves being bent to sh_t.”

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