1979 Ferrari 308 308 / GTO

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“1979 Ferrari 308 GTO conversion unfinished project car. The car does not run and has not been driven since 1991 it was a low mileage car WE DO NOT HAVE THE MILES OFF THE ODOMETER ON HAND AS OF THE WRITING OF THIS DESCRIPTION BUT WILL PROVIDE IT ASAP UPON REQUEST. This was purchased in running condition and was put away when the owner passed, unfinished.” 
How much do they actually value the GTO body conversion?  I’m pretty sure it lowers value when performed.  Looking at the pictures the rear tires are shot, they took a picture of the dash but couldn’t tell us the “low mileage”, it hasn’t run in 20 years, sounds like a peach.  Peach pit that is, boo yah.
Cars and coffee chatter:  ’79 the last year for carburetors. Would a Porsche Carrera be forever deemed the Magnum car if he drove that instead?

Find it here on ebay starting at $14,500 or the “Blow Your Brains Out Now” price of $25,000

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  1. earned911

    So, the only thing that makes this a GTO wanna-be is the lower front bumper, which they didn’t bother taking a picture of… You know some guy in overalls is looking at this and saying, “I could fix that.”

  2. Will

    Forget the blow torch…bring your gallon jug of Armorall for that rotten interior.

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